4 quick and easy ways to update your body wave for autumn

1: Rock a ribbon

Time is right up at the top of our priority list when it comes to body wave. Yes, we know it looks best freshly washed, blow dried and tonged to within an inch of it’s life. But we also know that would take the best part of an hour and would require sufficiently more effort than most of us mortals are prepared for come 6.30am when the alarm goes off. Which is why we are especially grateful to one of most popular hair trends for reminding us of the power of a good accessory. The friend of the time-savvy everywhere, it’s purse-friendly and won’t induce curling wand related arm-ache. The accessory  this autumn is the humble ribbon.

2. Get braided

From hairline plait to double dutch, body wave, crown and fishtail; the effortless braid is here to stay for another season. The perennial appeal of the plait is testament to it’s many plus points: it’s longevity as a style (it can last up to 3 days if carefully looked after), it’s ease to create and its suitability for so many occasions.

3. Try a hair up

The mention of an up-do is a usually met with a weary (yet wholly understandable) body wave. Which is why we were particularly excited by the  show look. Forget the associations with ballet class and your Grandma, with a modern twist traditional hair up’s can be cool, youthful and wearable. Eugene  for Wella Professionals proved it at the  show by  a classic French pleat. The result? Hair that looked like you’d made an effort but didn’t look too ‘done’ thanks to the contrasting textures.


4. Perfect a quiff

But exposure to UV rays damages the hair as much as it does our skin. The reason hair feels particularly dry over the summer months is because UV rays burn the inside and outside layer of the body wavefollicle, resulting in brittle and lifeless ends. So like unprotected skin, hair gets sun burnt.

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