Choosing A Remy Hair To Suit Your Face _ All Wigs

The Round Face:

On the round face the distance between the forehead and the chin is about equal to the distance between the remy hair. Choose a style with a short fringe, which lengthens the face, and a short cut, which makes the face look thinner.


Styles To Avoid:?Curly, because they will draw attention to the roundness; remy hair, long hair; styles that are pulled right back off the face.

The Oval Face:
The oval face has wide cheekbones that taper down into a small, often pointed chin and upto a fairly narrow forehead. This is regarded by many experts as the prefect face shape. If your face is oval in shape then you have the advantage of being able to wear any peruvian hair?you choose.


The Square Face:

The square face is angular with a broad forehead and a square jawline. To make the best of this shape, choose a hairstyle with malaysian hair, preferably one that features soft waves or curls. This will create a softness that detracts from the hard lines partcularly around the jaw. The hair should be parted at the side of the head and any fringe (bangs) combed away from the face.
Styles To Avoid: Very severe geometric cuts – they will only have the effect of enphasising the squareness of your face; long bobs with a heavy fringe; severe styles in which the malaysian hair?is scraped off the face and with a parting down the centre.


The Long Face:
A long face is characterised by a high forehead and long chin, and needs to be given the illusion of width. Soften the effect with remy hair, or go for a bob with a fringe to create horizontal lines. Scrunch-dried or curly bobs balance a long face.
Styles To Avoid: Styles without a fringe, straight, blunt cuts.