Tells You How She Finally Solved the Mystery of Her body wave!

When I first chopped my hair off, I experienced the plague many other shorter-haired women experience: the dreaded flip-out.?With my hair just touching my shoulders, the ends would instantly flip out, making my cool girl lob look like soccer mom body wave or the flipped out bobs from the early aughts. I would furiously attempt to straighten it every morning, but by the end of the day, the flipped ends were back, leaving me discouraged that my new aesthetic was being ruined simple because my normally stick-straight hair wouldn’t stay straight when I wanted it to (but alas, isn’t that always the case with our hair? Always doing what we?don’t?want it to do?).

I still have body wave, and I still experience the same problem, at least when my hair is in that “in-between” stage (not quite short or long enough to avoid the flip out). The only way I can really mask it is by waving the rest of my hair in an attempt to deter attention away from the flipped ends, because goddammit, were they embarrassing. But more often than not, I wake up way too late in the morning and don’t have time to curl it.

Whether you see yourself as a chic hippie with long, body wave parted down the center, the halo-like curls of a disco queen, or the choppy, undone layers of rock ’n’ roll, cop these looks inspired by our favorite icons of the age and you’ll be ready to boogie all night long.

But no matter how many years have passed, there’s one carryover from the time that we’ll never let go of: ‘70s hairstyles. Feathered, flat-ironed, or big, glorious Afros, there’s no expiration date on really, really body wave