Make the supermodel’s fashion waves hair by yourself

Make the supermodel’s fashion waves hair by yourself.

The Victoria’s Secret 20th anniversary big show finally ended, the pink flesh has already glut us eyes. Although the sexy body can not imitate, but at least the supermodel’s fashion hairstyle can be imitated, the waves cost their few hours to make, but we just need an hour to fix VS model’s waves hair.At the end of the season, give yourself a chance to become a supermodel.

Every girl love big, luxurious waves. Girls live for that volume! So I wanted to show you how to get gorgeous Supermodel waves hair that last all night long. Hair stylist will put a lot of hair care mousse on wet hair, and massage till uniform distribution, and then from the middle to the end of hair, make hair stick to ceramic natural curls.
Step 1: Wash your hair and blow it out with a hair dryer. Here is a little trick, how to blow out the fluffy feeling of the hair? Hand is the most favorable tool, along the hair gently with your hand.
Step 2: After drying hair, spray evenly with moisturizing spray on the ends of hair bundles.
Step 3: After combing with comb, before we use the high temperature curling stick, we should first put a protective film on the hair to prevent hair damage.

Step 4: When you start curling, pay attention to the intensity, because it is easy to roll asymmetry, in the hair root 1.5 inches when the hair, about 2 minutes can be released.
Step 5: When you’re doing a curl, don’t touch your hair immediately, it will mess up your hair.
Step 6: How to shape the head curtain? Curl up the curtain, turn to the 45 degree extension, stop for 2 minutes, don’t just roll the hair, so it is easy to disturb it.
Step 7: When you finish a part of waves hair, you need to comb your hair with a comb, and gently comb it as you just roll it.

Step 8: The top hair must be supple, and should not collapse when combing.
Step 9: This step is very important, sexy waves hair always have some characteristics and difficulty, in the top of the head must remember to create a sense of fluffy.
Step 10: Just run out of curly sticks, you can spray on the rough tooth comb to raise the brightness of hair and moisturizing spray, so that the overall hairstyle looks uniform luster. Comb your hair with a coarse toothed comb.
Step 11: The last step, of course, is the styling spray, remember to spray 2-3 times on the overall hairstyle.

Victoria’s Secret natural waves hair create success.

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